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Causes of Stress in Seniors

Causes of Stress in Seniors

Stress can kill an individual. It can end treasured relationships and it can destroy a person’s future. But the most unfortunate fact is- anybody can experience depression. In fact, it is the primary reason why senior citizens tend to commit suicide.

Apex Oaks Assisted Living & Memory Care has discovered numerous factors which lead one to get depressed.

  • Financial Circumstances

    Life after retirement could turn out into something which one has not expected. Most people work so hard during their youthful and early adulthood days looking forward to the day when they will finally reap the fruits of their efforts- sweet retirement.

    However, a senior citizen’s financial standing could become difficult. The first few years after retirement may be luxurious but for some, the sweet life ends when monthly bills rise and daily expenses increase. Eventually, pensions become short and savings get drained. When this happens, stress comes after.

  • Physical Weakness

    Nobody wants to become weak. As much as possible, we’d want to maintain our strength and continue to do whatever we have been used to do. Nonetheless, ageing is inevitable and we could never stop the physical changes that come with it.

    Whenever a senior citizen starts to feel these changes, they find it challenging to face these adversaries and thus causing them to feel depressed.

  • Abusive Caregivers

    The best care would be that of one’s family. If senior citizens could only be given the choice, they would choose to stay at home and be taken care of by their own offspring. Nonetheless, it is not always possible. Some families need their old parents to stay at care facilities. In these facilities, the possibility of abuse from care providers is high.

    Senior citizens who want to keep their being abused a secret become problematic and ultimately get depressed.

  • Decreased Companionship

    Whatever your age is, having a person beside you to accompany you in every stage in your life is necessary for survival. For this reason, every person wants to start building relationships since youth. But no matter how much effort you exert to forge and hone lasting relationships, time and distance can destroy it.

Once friends start to pass away, senior citizens begin to mourn over their lost friends. Also, lack of communication with friends could be a factor to one’s stress.

Stress risks are everywhere and you might not even realize that they actually contribute to your senior loved one’s depression. So be vigilant and keep


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