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What You Need to Know about Your Brain and Aging

What You Need to Know about Your Brain and Aging

Brain deterioration, hearing loss, subtle short term memory and delayed reflexes- these are just some of the signs of aging. On the contrary, these are not normal symptoms of aging alone, these could be indicators of underlying serious health issues that needs a medical examination.

Our brain shrinks as we grow old. The nerves and its cavities will decrease in size thereby creating gaps between nerve endings. When the neurons in our brain have strong contact with each other, this could be the gateway to different diseases like Parkinson’s disease and dementia. Moreover, as part of our goal to promote healthy and comfortable aging, we promote memory care services for seniors at Apex Oaks Assisted Living, the trusted provider of assisted living home care in Houston, Texas. We have well-trained caregivers who know how to deal with patients living with dementia or those who simply needs personal assistance. We also give our clients up-to-date information about the current situation of the patient and all the things they need to know about their condition if needed.

The Science behind memory loss and aging

It is inevitable that our mental health decline is caused by our aging body. This is a natural cycle of human being’s life and we cannot do anything to avoid it but we can still delay the aging process. The scientific reason on how memory loss and aging are closely related is because of the diminishing blood flow that goes in and out of the brain. We have to admit that not all of us are conscious of having a healthy lifestyle. We eat fatty and salty foods and we even drink alcohol most of the times. The effects of our unhealthy diet will not be readily felt but it will accumulate over the years. Cholesterol and fatty molecules will soon clog up our veins preventing blood from passing. When there is no enough blood and oxygen that is transported to the brain, stroke or dementia could be the result.

Another factor that we can also consider to be a big factor for memory loss is the increasing amount of free radicals. Free radicals can be acquired from the food that we eat, pollution or even stress. These radicals cannot be easily processed by the cells thereby they will remain flowing inside the body. When they team up with the healthy cells, they could damage the cells. And damaged cells have a number of effects, especially to our health.

The third contributing factor to memory loss is the decreasing levels of glutathione. Glutathione is not just for skin whitening as what commercials are telling us. These are powerful antioxidants responsible for fighting off any unwanted toxins stored in our body. As we grow old, our glutathione levels decrease making us less resistant to diseases.

Brain deterioration is a serious issue that we must not ignore easily. We need to be informed about how this works, its symptoms and the possible remedy to avoid the shrinking of our brain size. Moreover, it is also important to note that our brain function can still remain normal despite brain aging considering that we have no other health problems concerning the brain.

For more information about the brain and memory care, ask our experts at Apex Oaks Assisted Living and Memory Care. You can call us at 281-469-8000.

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